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Otto Vervaart continues to provide excellent source materials for students of the First World War. He has recently posted four new resources that I have added this site:

Wartime Canada:

“an educational resource for teaching the history of Canada during both World Wars by using documents and artifacts to get closer to actual experiences. The resources at this portal are organized by ten category headings with a verb, such as Fighting, EatingRelaxingRemembering and Worshipping. The selection of themes under these headings is very wide and instructive. The section on education gives guidance to larger subjects such as the war effort, government and economy, identity and culture, historical inquiry and society.  For each theme you can set the selection of items to either the First or the Second World War by choosing this period from a dropdown box. The portal can be visited in English and French.”

The Virtual Gramophone: First World War Era:

“The virtual exhibition The Virtual Gramophone: First World War Era has been created by Library and Archives Canada at the portal Collections Canada as a part of the section The Virtual Gramophone concerning the history of music in Canada. The portal gives an overview of Canada’s musical history. The section about the First World War has four focuses:

Popular Songs, 1914-1918
Songs of the First World War
The Music on the Home Front: Sheet Music from Canada’s Past
The Music Scene in Quebec, 1915-1920

The section with popular songs gives lists of song arranged in chronological order by year. You can listen to a number of sound recordings of them. The section on songs of the First World War has songs arranged by a number of subjects. The section on sheet music is at present missing from the site. There are also biographies of musicians, and the reference list contains a succinct bibliography about First World War music. This virtual exhibition can be viewed in English and French.

At Sheet Music from Canada’s Past, another section of the portal Collections Canada, you can search for items created during the First World War era (select 1914-1920). Searching for the subject World War 1914-1918 brings you to nearly 200 items.”

World War I Postcards from the Bowman Gray Collection:

“The digital collection World War I Postcards from the Bowman Gray Collection has been created by the library of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The collection contains some 6,400 postcards from the main belligerent countries (United Kingdom, France, Germany, Belgium, Russia and Italy), but also from other countries. The sheer number of postcards in this collection is equivalent to the number of interesting subjects, for example cavalry or children. Some commercial series, too, are completely present. You can browse the collection in its entirety (530 records with often multiple items), choose among the subjects, names and places, or use the free text search. The general introduction to this collection gives also a succinct bibliography on the subject of First World War postcards.”

The Western European Theatre Political Pamphlet Collection:

“The digital collection Western European Theater Political Pamphlet Collection 1894-1918 has been created by Princeton University Library (collection MC 248). The collection contains in 77 boxes items from European countries collected since 1914.  Apart from pamphlets in English there are items in French, German, Russian, Italian and other languages.  The pamphlets do not only touch upon politics but on many aspects of the First World War and the period immediately before the war. The digitized pamphlets are accessible using an online finding aid. In the left side bar you can click on subjects and time periods which open either an item or a set of items within a record. You can use the general search field for a free text search. It is also possible to view the entire finding aid as a page or to download it as a PDF.”


About George Vascik, Historian

A 1988 graduate of the University of Michigan, I have taught history at Miami University since 1992. I maintain blogs on teaching Western Civilization and on Great War. My research focuses on anti-Semitism and rural politics in northwest Germany. I am completing a monograph for Bloomsbury Press, Anti-Semitism and Rural Politics. You can follow my project at Along with Mark Sadler, I have published a book of primary documents on the Stab-in-the-Back Myth (Dolchstoßlegende). I also invite you to visit my profession web page at
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