The purpose of this blog

I have created this blog to prepare for teaching an online class on the Great War during Fall Semester 2014. European social media is aflame with the opening of the centenary year. There are a number of magnificent resources now available, such as Europeana 1914-1918, with more coming online each day.

My purpose is firstly to begin assembling all of these resources in one place so that as my students enroll, even before class formally starts, they can begin working through all the material assembled here.

Secondly, I am still working through how I will integrate this web log more fully into my pedagogy. Its a Brave New World and I am eager to think through how new teaching media can positively impact learning.

Lastly, I hope to offer courses on the Great War to members of the community not enrolled at Miami University. Mother Miami uses a very cumbersome Learning Management System that is very difficult for non-students to access. I envision moving much of the course material on this site and use social media for out discussions.

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