Butler County in the Great War

As part of the Great War course, each student “adopted” one of the Butler County war dead and be responsible for collecting information on them from public records. Using resources available at Lane Public Library (both the local history collection and Ancestry.com), students will post on Flickr pictures and data on “their” veteran. I have posted a picture and data on my grandfather in the right view pane of this site where the other veteran’s pictures will appear.

List of the 92 Butler County residents who died in the Great War of 3160 men and women who served  (compiled from data extracted from Butler County website)

Name Rank Service
Agee ,  Jesse J Pvt Army
Anderson ,  Frank E Pvt Marines
Andrews ,  George Pvt Army
Ashton ,  William Pvt Army
Augsburger ,  Stanley R Pvt Army
Babcock ,  Clayton S Pvt Army
Baer ,  Carlos W Pvt Army
Barr ,  Raymond H Pvt Army
Batchelder ,  Lloyd W Pvt Army
Battle ,  Fred Pvt Army
Berk ,  Fred W Pvt Army
Bertman ,  Myron Cpt Army
Best ,  Thomas E Pvt Army
Blythe ,  Edwin Pvt Army
Bolser ,  Earl Pvt Army
Boyd ,  Charles O PFC Army
Branson ,  Joseph E Pvt Army
Bright ,  Howard Pvt Army
Bruck ,  Edgar C Cpl Army
Bullock ,  Raymond R Pvt Army
Clark ,  Clyde P Pvt Army
Coe ,  Lafe E Pvt Army
Colbert ,  Donald R Pvt Army
Combs ,  Charles C PFC Marines
Cone ,  Clyde S Pvt Army
Cook ,  Harry Cpl Army
Coulter ,  Edwin C Cpl Marines
Dansbury ,  Stanley A PFC Army
Dewees ,  Richard Pvt Army
Dougard ,  Wilburn Sgt Army
Dunbar ,  Christie R Pvt Army
Durwin ,  Frank Pvt Army
Elkin ,  Jasper Pvt Army
Eversole ,  Ben Pvt Army
Fasano ,  Don A PFC Army
Fitzwater ,  William Cpl Army
Fromholz ,  Bernard Pvt Army
Getz ,  Albert J PFC Army
Goodwin ,  Russel H Pvt Army
Harbaum ,  John Pvt Army
Harkrader ,  Lloyd Pvt Army
Hawkins ,  Orville P Sea 2d Cl Navy
Heiland ,  Bertram O Supply Sgt Army
Hess ,  Jacob G Pvt Army
Holloway ,  Marvin A Pvt Army
Holmes ,  Robert C Mess Sgt Army
Howard ,  Alfred E Pvt Army
Hubbard ,  John Cpl Army
Ingram ,  Laben Pvt Army
Jameson ,  Carl C Pvt Army
Jones ,  George Pvt Army
Julian ,  Edgar W Pvt Army
Justice ,  Charles J Pvt Marines
Keller ,  George L Pvt Army
Kuhn ,  John M Pvt Army
Landon ,  Samuel Cpl Army
Lewis ,  Clyde C Pvt Army
Martin ,  Clarence Pvt Army
Meyer ,  Minor G PFC Army
Morgan ,  Thomas E Pvt Army
Newton ,  Wilson Color Sgt Army
Parker ,  Evan Wagoner Army
Peters ,  Norman H Pvt Army
Phillips ,  Louis O Pvt Army
Pieper ,  Joseph G Pvt Army
Pinkerton ,  Raymond Alvin Pvt Marines
Reiff ,  Ralph H Band Cpl Army
Riley ,  William Pvt Army
Rose ,  Truman R Pvt Army
Sanders ,  Howard W Pvt Army
Schneider ,  Raphael E Pvt Army
Smith ,  Corwin Seaman Navy
Smith ,  Hugh C Pvt Army
Smith ,  Warren C PFC Army
Steinmetz ,  Edward Joseph Pvt Marines
Steinmetz ,  Louis A PFC Army
Sutter ,  Frederick J Pvt Army
Tape ,  Grover C Pvt Army
Taylor ,  Hartwell Pvt Army
Tieman ,  Raymond PFC Army
Vaughn ,  Earl H 1SGT Army
Vorwerg ,  Fred Pvt Army
Weber ,  Charles B Pvt Army
Westmoeland ,  Otis Pvt Army
Whisler ,  Homer Pvt Army
Wilson ,  John Pvt Army
Winburn ,  Oliver Sgt Army
Woodrey ,  Stanley E Pvt Army
Woodward ,  Herbert R Cpl Army
Yerigan ,  Harold C PFC Army
Zornes ,  George L Pvt Army
Zwiefelhoefer ,  Albert A Pvt Army

The Veteran’s Project assignment

I have assigned everyone enrolled in the class a veteran who died in the Great War. If you click on your veteran’s name, you will be directed to his page in the Butler County website.This will give you some preliminary information. Your task is to track down “your” veteran and post his biographic information. This information will be shared with all of us through your Student Page linked below. (Here is the Butler County site if you want to search for any local veteran – of any conflict going back to the Revolution – that you might want to find.)
What information do you want to find?
Either of these sources should provide most of the information that you need to find.
Can I do research on a second veteran?
  • Yes! We have 92 men who died in the War, so you can take on an unassigned veteran for extra credit.
Can I use “my” veteran for my Extension Project?
  • Absolutely. If you decide to make the topic of your Extension project “your” veteran, you will want to do further research which I will describe fully on the Extensions page.
When is this project due?
  • Your project is due during Finals Week, but I will accept early submissions. If you submit early and your project is lacking, I will allow you to revise it.

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  1. Mark Reed says:

    Great resource for class! Thank you! I know I’m a day late and a dollar short, but this is going to be great!

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