Module 14: Reverberations

What was the “meaning” of  the Great War and how did it change Europe and the world?


Watch the following videos:

Participate in the Discussion Forum:

  1. List three salient facts that you learned from your reading and viewing of the material above.

  2. On my Great War blog, do a category search for the term “Meaning” and read the posts that come up. Comment on something from one of the posts that strikes you as interesting.

  3. After you have completed all the activities in this module, post to the “What I still have questions about” link. (You can find my responses to the questions from Module 13 here.)

 View my lectures: 

  • Transformations (pdf)

  • The Legacy of Versailles (pdf)

  • Dolchstoßlegende (pdf)

Write a brief reflective essay on one of the following:

  • Was the Treaty of Versailles a “Carthaginian Peace”?

  • To what extent was the First World War the cause of the Second?

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