As a 200-level class designed for sophomores and juniors of all majors, The Great War: The First World War in Europe is more general than many of you would like. If you are an enrolled Miami University student, I expect that you are not just taking this course for schedule-filler. If you are a non-student following this course because you are interested in the topic, I suspect that you will want to learn more that what is available in the posted modules. I have therefore created this page of “extensions” upon the module work.

My hope is that the extensions will encourage you to become a “specialist” on a given topic. As part of the normal course load, each student will complete work in one of the extensions. I am still working through how the extensions will be assessed and how they will be shared. I am also experimenting with the technology of presentation. Will the extensions be available as separate pages from the “My Great War course” draw-down page or as links out of this page?

I keep looking at the “Days until the Assassination in Sarajevo” countdown clock. That’s a dose of reality!

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