Learning Objectives

As a learner in this course:

– You will hone your critical thinking skills by analyzing primary documents and summarizing the arguments of secondary literature; identifying biases and interpretive approaches; assessing the persuasiveness and validity of different kinds of evidence; and developing arguments of their own.

– You will learn from other learners through our discussion of the lecture topics and the assigned texts.

–  You will consider the issues and problems faced by Europeans in the recent past and reflect on how the lessons drawn from the past illuminate contemporary issues and problems.

–  You will analyze multiple forms of primary evidence and begin to draw inferences from them that speak to a particular historical problem or question.

–  You will appreciate other societies in a global context and to look at the American experience in the context of other societies.

–  You will produce an historical argument by identifying and analyzing historiographical debates and demonstrating the capacity to deal with differences in interpretation.

–  You will construct historical essays and produce a major research paper that reinforces the lessons that history majors will have learned in HST206. Non-major will benefit from this experience as well.

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