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Too Young to Fight

Zeit Online has an insightful review of two newly republished works by authors impacted by the Great War, “Die Eltern waren der Krieg.” Erhard Schütz complains that while the works of Ernst Jünger and Erich Remarque are considered the “gold … Continue reading

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Ernst Jünger’s letters home

Ernst Jünger’s letter to his family while he served at the front are now available. Edited by Heimo Schwilk, Feldpostbriefe an die Familie 1915-1918 the collection consists of 72 letters, postcards, and telegrams to his parents and his brother Friedrich Georg, … Continue reading

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Ernst Jünger

Since we will be reading portions of Ernst Jünger’s Im Stahlgewitter in our online class, I could not help but post this Tweet. Ernst Jünger, un anarchiste conservateur droit dans ses bottes http://t.co/TbMtqDk0Ra #1GM #centenaire @LEXPRESS pic.twitter.com/I0caFAdAHl — celine propeck (@celinepropeck) February … Continue reading

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