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German commemoration of the Great War

This article sent out over Reuters by  Erik Kirschbaum: How is the war being commemorated in Germany? #ww1 http://t.co/wjQalwExWL — WWI: Perspectives (@HLA_IFOA) March 20, 2014 Kirschbaum spoke with two historians with contradictory positions in the Origins debate –  Gerd … Continue reading

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Gerd Krumeich : « En 1914, les deux camps ont rempli la poudrière »

Excellent interview in LeMonde Centenaire with Gerd Krumeneich, emeritus professor of history at Heinrich Heine University in Düsseldorf. The highlights: Il n’est pas toujours facile, à quelque période que ce soit, depuis la fin de la guerre, de distinguer dans la littérature … Continue reading

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Sleepwalking Diplomats? A discussion sponsored by the German Foreign Ministry

1.Weltkrieg: #Steinmeier eröffnet heute 19:30h Diskussion mit Historikern #Clark +#Krumeich @DHMBerlin http://t.co/JFJomw9ylL @DeutscheWelle — Auswärtiges Amt (@AuswaertigesAmt) March 14, 2014

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Gerd Krumeich, “The First World War. The 101 Most Important Questions”

This from Oliver Pietschmann in the Sächsische Zeitung concerning Gerd Krumeich’s latest book. In 155 pages, the author “provides short and concise answers about the outbreak, course, and results of what at the time was the largest armed conflict in history.” I … Continue reading

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Herfried Münkler, Gerd Krumeich, and Sönke Neitzel debate the causes of the Great War

This is fun: #history German debate. Political scientist Herfried Münkler+historians Gerd Krumeich & Sönke Neitzel. Causes of #WW1 http://t.co/bkhOPrlGte — Rob Schäfer (@GERArmyResearch) March 11, 2014 I’ll have more on this debate tomorrow after I’ve had a chance to rest … Continue reading

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