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Remembering the Great War in Bonn

Since I first started travelling to Germany 35 years ago, I have always sought out monuments to the fallen in World War 1. One memorial in particular has always struck me: that in the entryway to the main university building … Continue reading

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The SPD remembers the First World War

Für diejenigen, die es gestern verpasst haben: Alle Reden und Videos zu "100 Jahre Erster Weltkrieg" findet ihr hier: http://t.co/9fvujGxh8g — SPD Parteivorstand (@spdde) April 15, 2014

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You need to see the pictures in this article

French battlefield archeologists, excavating a trench site in eastern France in the path of a road project, have uncovered the perfectly preserved bodies of 21 German soldiers. The trench in which the soldiers were entombed was covered over with mud … Continue reading

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Nicolas Beaupré on Franco-German reconciliation

Von mir : Ein Jahrhundert später. Der Erste Weltkrieg und die deutsch-französische Aussöhnung (1914-2014) | bpb http://t.co/swMOlLhDUC #WW1 — Nicolas Beaupré (@nicolas_beaupre) March 11, 2014

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Two of Fritz Fischer’s “granddaughters”

Here is a Tweet from Christa Pöppelmann. #ww1 #ErsterWeltkrieg Die "Fischer-Enkelinnen"-Rezension der FAZ ist jetzt online: http://t.co/VvygwvUHaO — Christa Pöppelmann (@Juli1914) March 17, 2014 The Frankfurter Allgemeine has published a very brief dual review of her book, July 1914 and Annika … Continue reading

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Herfried Münkler, Gerd Krumeich, and Sönke Neitzel debate the causes of the Great War

This is fun: #history German debate. Political scientist Herfried Münkler+historians Gerd Krumeich & Sönke Neitzel. Causes of #WW1 http://t.co/bkhOPrlGte — Rob Schäfer (@GERArmyResearch) March 11, 2014 I’ll have more on this debate tomorrow after I’ve had a chance to rest … Continue reading

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The “War Guilt Question” in France

One of the difficult questions being raised in the centenary commemoration regards national and individual culpability for starting the Great War. Both the British and the Germans are much taken with it at this point. The BBC has run shows … Continue reading

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