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Top secret MI5 files of First World War go online

http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/news/924.htm Complete with a very fetching picture of Mata Hari on the portal page. Other highlights include Edith Cavell and Sidney George Reilly, the “Ace of Spies”. If you are interested in British intelligence history, this is an amazing resource. Having watched … Continue reading

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Michael Snape on God and the British Soldier

I am posting this as a reminder to myself. I am sure that there will be several students who will find this interesting. Snape on importance of Christianity to Britons in 14-18. FWW mostly seen as 'just war' & viewed … Continue reading

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The “War Guilt Question” in France

One of the difficult questions being raised in the centenary commemoration regards national and individual culpability for starting the Great War. Both the British and the Germans are much taken with it at this point. The BBC has run shows … Continue reading

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British propaganda posters set for auction

A collection of 200 propaganda posters from the Great War, will be touring Britain and then being put up for sale. “‘Why aren’t you in khaki?’ Fascinating archive of posters urging men to enlist for WWI – and encouraging their … Continue reading

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“37 Days”

This looks amazing. I have inserted a screen shot from the BBC website. 37 Days is a drama/reenactment of the period between the assassination in Sarajevo and the British declaration of war. Unfortunately, I am not able to open any … Continue reading

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Text of the Zimmermann Telegram

This tweet contains the text of the Zimmermann Telegram as decoded by British cryptographers. The Zimmerman Telegram, as decoded by British cryptographers: pic.twitter.com/sBoiaN7RfI — Allan Draycott (@allanholloway) February 24, 2014 Is this what the American entry was all about? Here’s … Continue reading

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BBC Radio tells local stories

Regional BBC radio has gone live with a series of local stories. Over 200 #WW1AtHome stories launched today. Watch the trail http://t.co/H33m6D9mJR Then find stories on your doorstep http://t.co/q497nS0abf — BBC World War One (@bbcww1) February 24, 2014 I have … Continue reading

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