My Great War course

Hello! I am still filling out one or two items in the syllabus. The only unit that is not yet complete is Module 7: Creating Total War. This makes sense. As an economic historian, this is what I know in the greatest detail and it is proving difficult to focus my material down into a digestible whole.

As a rule, Miami University requires that its online courses be conducted within its Learning Management System. One enormous problem with that rule is that the LMS firewall effectively keeps non-enrolled persons out. That is completely contrary to my desire to create an open course opened to the public at large. My solution it to ghost assignments to this website. All course materials will be available to the general public. I am exploring a platform to allow course discussions outside the LMS as well. My goal is that anyone can participate as fully in the class as their time and interest allows.

The course is organized in 14 modules. For graded participants and non-student auditors in the course, Essay and Discussion Forum assignments are meant to be completed within the designated week. For non-students working through the course material in a non-synchronous fashion, I will gladly respond to essays and discussion posts. I am also open to suggestions as to additional course material or things that we might cover. I expect that this course and blog will grow more dense with each passing year.

Help me make this class your class!

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